MRSA in hospital

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Key MRSA facts at a glance

  • MRSA is a subgroup (about 40%) of the common Staph aureus bacteria, that is resistant to a range of antibiotics, including penicillin. It is only one of several bacteria that have become resistant to some antibiotics but it accounts for the majority of infections.

  • A patient with a hospital acquired infection is about 7 times more likely to die than an uninfected patient.

  • Most strains are treatable with a "last line of defense" antibiotic called vancomycin but there are real signs that these strains are now developing a resistance to this antibiotic. Should that happen we will have regressed to the pre-antibiotic days when bacteria had the upper hand in the survival stakes. Untreatable infections and epidemics would be the order of the day.

Did You Know

  • Men are twice as likely to acquire an MRSA type infection than women.

MRSA and Superbug Articles and Information

  • What is MRSA? This article details everything you need to know about MRSA. From what exactly it is to what causes it and much more.

  • Protecting yourself from MRSA. In this article we show you how to protect yourself from MRSA.

  • MRSA in the UK. With more than 100000 hospitals acquired infections per annum, MRSA is a big problem in the UK. Learn more in this article, including a comparison of hospitals, the National Audit Office report and the DH Action Plan.

  • MRSA in the USA. An overview of the MRSA problem in the USA.

  • MRSA in Ireland. MRSA is all over the Irish newspapers and media. Find out why.

  • MRSA in the Netherlands. Find out how the Dutch beat MRSA in this informative article.

  • New weapon to fight hospital infections. As part of their preventative strategy the NHS in the UK spent £100k proving that negative ions destroy superbugs. Take a look at the findings.

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